Evolving Our Offer Into Social and Government

We have launched our new Social and Government offer which combines our consulting-led approach to research and proven track record in delivering tangible results for clients with an expertise in social research.

Over the past few years, as we have worked with more clients in the public sector, we have witnessed an evolution in their research and consulting needs largely driven by a transformation in the way in which their services are developed and delivered. In the private sector, we are also seeing an increasing focus from our clients around understanding their impact on society

More and more these businesses are looking to be guided by research and insight to identify and help them realise opportunities to positively influence the communities in which they operate.  In response, we are building a Social & Government offer.

Heading up Fiftyfive5 Social & Government is Mathew Densten.  Mathew brings over 15 years’ experience in marketing and social research holding senior positions at AMR Interactive (Executive General Manager), TNS Hong Kong (Head of Consumer Research) and TNS Social Research now Kantar Public (Director).

A specialist social researcher with research expertise in communications, digital service development, community consultation, policy development and program evaluation, he has led strategic research projects which informed development and evaluation of government communication campaigns and reforms at a State and Federal level.  Mathew will be based in Sydney but will also work with our growing New Zealand office.