building better
customer experiences
to fuel growth

Customer experience is the new competitive battleground as unprecedented consumer power and increasing competition have largely eroded more traditional product and service led differentiation. By understanding what matters to customers and delivering simple, effective and engaging experiences to meet those needs, brands build lasting connections with customers, driving repeat purchase and advocacy.

At Fiftyfive5, we bring a customer centric view of the world to our CX consulting engagements, ensuring that all initiatives are grounded in customer insights. Our customer insights-led approach equips businesses to better understand, optimise and transform the customer experiences they deliver.

we believe

a holistic approach to brand and customer experience is critical

In today’s world, brands make a promise in the marketplace and customer experience delivers on that promise.

Your organisation is strengthened when your brand and customer experience align. Working together to drive return on investment (ROI) for your customer and organisation.

using the right CX hero metric drives the right outcomes

Measuring progress towards your CX goals is an essential part of any mature CX program and key to this is identifying and embedding the right hero CX metrics that fit your business and measures what is important to customers. While much is written about the virtues and pitfalls of NPS, we believe, first and foremost, a hero metric needs to satisfy the following criteria:

• a strong fit for your business
• robust and rigorous
• diagnostic and drives strategy improvements
• tied to hard commercial outcomes.

We always take a tailored approach to metric
development and selection. By focusing on the customer metrics that matter, then evaluating and improving your performance against them, you’ll drive the right customer outcomes and focus across your organisation

 customer retention drives revenue

Today’s customers are willing and able to change providers. Customer retention is just as important as inbound acquisition, if not more so, because retaining a customer is cheaper than acquiring a new one. That’s why it’s critical to identify and focus on the ‘make and break’ points in customer journeys – those most important to your customers.

designing for an omnichannel world

While digital goes a long way in satisfying customer needs, the reality is customers live in an omnichannel world. Journey mapping helps you see things holistically – tying together and integrating the digital in a physical way that diagnoses the true end-to-end customer experience. With accurate performance measurement you’ll drive the right customer outcomes and focus across your organisation



Senior team of customer experience specialists

Fiftyfive5’s investment in capability and people means that the design and delivery of large, complex, tailored customer experience measurement programs are our sweet spot. Our team are experienced, senior customer experience research and technology specialists, yet we’re also able to tap into the agile qualitative research and advanced analytical capabilities of the broader Fiftyfive5 team to drive deeper customer insights. Our scale enables us to bring deep knowledge of your category to any program. We can also incorporate larger cultural insights and customer trends from the work we do across 26 different categories.

Platform and methodology agnostic

Unlike many customer experience providers, we’re not selling a product. Instead, we bring an independent perspective and a fully customised approach to the programs we build. We see technology as a great enabler, and together with our research rigour and insights capability, we design and build CX programs that illuminate issues and highlight opportunities to improve the experiences our clients deliver to their customers. We leverage technology to deliver the right information to the right stakeholders, at the right time ensuring action can be taken when it matters most.

Customer First

As champions of the voice of the customer, we bring a customer-centric view of the world. This ensures your program is grounded in customer insight and not influenced by products or the latest tech functionality. We excel in understanding your customer’s needs and tailor the program around the moments that matter to them.

the work we do

Fiftyfive5’s comprehensive customer experience consulting capabilities help you deliver compelling experiences that align with your customers’ expectations;

We work with clients to understand, design and improve customer experiences.
Specifically we:

Help you understand your customers and diagnose the quality of the experiences you deliver them today

Help you identify and shape the experiences you want to deliver your customers tomorrow

Help you measure experiences to move the needle on the moments and metrics that matter