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At Fiftyfive5, we build and run holistic marketing research and performance measurement programs. In combination with our strategic consulting, we can accelerate your business growth and help you deliver the ultimate brand experience to your customers.

we believe

complexity is transforming brand management

We’re living in one of the most exciting and challenging times in human history. Technology is rapidly evolving, disrupting sectors and increasing complexity.

The work of marketing and customer management teams is evolving. They’re moving from a mass marketing paradigm to ‘personalisation at scale’ using more marketing channels to reach and engage with customers.

In this new world, many brand and communication tracking programs are struggling to keep up

brand touch points are multiplying

In addition to your marketing activities, your customers’ brand experiences are being shaped by a growing list of touchpoints – digital and social interactions, reviews, word-of-mouth, your call centre, in-store and product performance. Brand performance monitoring requires a comprehensive, integrated view across all your touchpoints to provide you with the complete picture.

the emotional dimension of decision-making is critical

Understanding and influencing brand choice requires us to consider both the emotional and rational dimensions of decision-making. Whilst it can vary by category, recent developments in the behavioural sciences increasingly highlight the important role of emotional connections and associations. The feelings and connection consumers have with a brand, built up over time as a result of all the communications and interactions they’ve experienced, will have a key inuence on their brand choice when it comes to making a purchase.

Ultimately, your brand is your reputation among your target audience. It’s the sum total of all experiences with your brand, it’s your brand’s salience, what and how customers think of it and how it compares to your competition.

Because of the important role brands play, brand equity is a key indicator of business health and growth potential.

Obtaining a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of how your brand is perceived will enable you to develop and execute more effective marketing strategies.

performance measurement should be holistic

Holistic and integrated performance measurement programs are replacing conventional brand tracking.

Built for today’s operating environment, in-market performance measurement encompasses all your customer touchpoints, providing the intelligence and direction necessary for your business to succeed in a fast-moving and competitive world.



Strategic consulting that’s focused on your growth
Fiftyfive5 are committed to providing pragmatic and actionable insights. We use brand research to evaluate and optimise the performance of all of your in-market activity. We work with our clients and their partners to develop and execute effective strategies, assessing and optimising creative and media effectiveness. Our focus is on helping our clients achieve growth outcomes.

A high calibre team with deep domain expertise
As Australia’s biggest, most experienced and awarded marketing research team, Fiftyfive5’s unmatched capability allows us to produce deep brand insights. We’re currently running performance monitoring programs across 26 different categories including FMCG, financial services, insurance, retail, media, technology, government and social.

Each category has unique dynamics. That’s why we:

• Tailor metrics to the reality of your category and your competitive context.
• Use our category experience to help you interpret brand research in order to create and execute effective marketing strategies to deliver competitive advantage.
• Apply our broad visibility of macro category and socio-cultural trends to help you better
understand the consumer context within which you are operating.

Our scale & capability ensures technical excellence

Traditional brand tracking uses only a survey-based approach to assess brand health. In contrast, Fiftyfive5 can incorporate multiple datasets into the analysis to provide you with a more holistic and granular view of in-market activities, as well as ensuring the optimal allocation of resources. These datasets can include your sales, media spend, share-of-voice, digital behaviour, customer experience metrics, social media metrics and share of search.

Fiftyfive5’s performance measurement programs are underpinned by:

• Evidence-based frameworks and metrics built on the latest thinking and specifically configured so that they link closely to behaviour and commercial outcomes in your category.
• Operational excellence in program delivery that ensures you get quality, accuracy, agility and actionability.
• Best-fit technology platforms that enable efcient and engaging delivery