Insights that
drive social impact

Fiftyfive5 utilises consumer research to provide actionable insights to government organisations. Fiftyfive5’s Social + Community team evolved out of a desire to see investment in research deliver insights that drive social impact for our clients and the community. We are a social research business leveraging proven processes and expertise to inspire action, create value and enhance society.

Our social research capability is broad, aligned to three core areas of client needs

Citizen centred policy, program and service design: Understanding citizens and the problems or tensions we are solving for them, to ultimately drive positive outcomes

Behaviour change and social marketing: Leveraging behavioural economics and social marketing principles to drive positive social change. Fiftyfive5 goes further, providing the link between research and communication strategy, working closely with agencies to ultimately benefit our clients and help them achieve their communication goals

Evaluating performance: Evaluating program, service and communications performance against the metrics that matter and identifying opportunities for improvement and growth

we believe

governments shape how every citizen lives, works and plays

At its core, the role of the government is to be truly citizen-centric and to accurately plan for the well-being of a better future for all Australians. Good governments must be expert at putting citizens at the centre of decision making – by listening, responding rapidly and constantly iterating to drive better outcomes.

government is being held to higher standards

Citizens expect governments to meet or exceed their experiences with private sector companies. Actionable insights to improve government programs and services and to enhance citizen outcomes are more important than ever.

The promise of good government is delivered when governments acknowledge citizens pain points and enact change, then.

empowered and amplified citizen voices

Technology has empowered citizens by amplifying their voices. And greater accountability is now demanded across all government decisions. In response, government must be connecting with citizens to design, develop and execute policies, programs and services.

Access to vast amounts of data can create complexity rather than simplicity…and may tell us the ‘what’, but not the underlying reason ‘why’. Fiftyfive5 specialises in providing clarity to our clients so they can make informed decisions about their programs, policies, services or communications.

Insight led communication is a critical lever for driving social change

Genuine insights galvanise teams, they excite through the understanding they convey and the change they have the power to unlock.

Communication impact requires:
• Clarity on the audiences that matter
• Deep understanding of how those audiences behave and the why behind those behaviours
• Expertise translating insight into strategy into execution, to cut through and drive change



Senior team, working hands-on

Fiftyfive5 was built on the premise that great outcomes are achieved when senior practitioners work with our clients and their agencies in a hands-on way. Through this collaboration we build strong partnerships with our clients, learning first-hand about our client’s organisations and overlaying this expertise to the work we do.

Fast, agile and pragmatic

The typical approach to government research is linear, slow and steady. In contrast, Fiftyfive5 is pragmatic, agile and rigorous. We work closely with clients from the outset to define the problem we are solving and building solutions in partnership quickly and effectively.

Public sector specialists

The scale, skill and experience of our team is unmatched. Fiftyfive5’s sweet spot is strategic, large-scale, time critical and challenging communications research programs. Entrusted to work on the most critical social and economic challenges facing Australia today, the number of government research projects we manage grew by 280% over the past 12 months.

Strategic consulting focused on impact

Traditional government researchers often play back what’s happening. They don’t reveal the why and the how. Fiftyfive5 has a deep and structured approach to insights identification and elicitation. Finding the penetrating truth about our target audience that we can leverage to drive change is in our DNA. Fiftyfive5 goes further, building the link between research, strategy and execution, working closely with our clients to achieve their goals.

our approach

Defining the real question

We provide clarity on the communications research problem to be solved and why we’re solving it. Together we identify the audiences you need to engage – both internally and externally. Adopting a citizen-first mindset, we use empathy and curiosity as part of our social research to question why. We get below the surface, using frameworks like design thinking to dig deep into audience behaviour.

We identify the:
• Human behind the data.
• Motivation behind behaviour.
• Levers that you can use to drive social impact.

Turning data into insight

We integrate diverse sources of data – qualitative, quantitative, tech-enabled, secondary and administrative data – to clarify the underlying ‘why’ and ‘how’, not just the ‘what’ behind citizen behaviour.

Delivering action pathways

You receive:
• Defined core audiences and help to target them, including the messages, levers and tactics to motivate their behaviour.
• Strategic and behavioural change frameworks to plan your steps and cadence towards achieving your goals.
• Creative campaign briefs to guide your agencies and internal teams.
• Media channel mix recommendations and strategy.
• Program evaluation with sharp and actionable refinements to optimise existing in-market activity.