"The team at Fiftyfive5 is instrumental in the development, maintenance and delivery of our customer experience program. The insights we gather from their detailed reporting greatly assist in our journey to identify and improve outcomes for older Australians"

"Fiftyfive5 recently conducted market research on behalf of the Australian Space Agency to promote the relevance of space to parents, teachers and young people. This forms part of one of the Agency’s most important pillars which is to inspire Australians. One of the things that stood out most about this project was the ability of Fiftyfive5 to provide concrete, practical recommendations on what communications elements and approach was needed going forward. This enabled the Australian Space Agency to take the findings and implement them."

"I’ve worked in creative agencies for 20 years. When asked by a client recently who I’d recommend from a research perspective - I gave them Fiftyfive5. And no one else. Intelligent, collaborative and responsive. They know their stuff across all markets and understand the nuances of comms development. Their point of view is always constructive, free of agenda and incredibly valuable. We worked together on a complicated and “stakeholder rich” project, they always made the work better."

"I can’t speak highly enough about the professionalism of engagement and outcomes delivered by Fifyfive5. The manner in which the team understood our requirements, conducted extensive testing in a super short timeframe and reported back in a superb, digestible, non-jargon way was exceptional. In addition, Mat and the team provided strategic guard-rails for our work moving forward. If you’re looking for a team of consummate professionals suitable to present in any C-suite forum, super easy to work with and committed to deliver in a what-ever-it-takes pragmatic style, then this is your team."

"We have been working with Fiftyfive5 for the past 18 months across a wide program of work including strategic projects to inform strategy and executional pieces such as comms development. The team have successfully delivered high quality outcomes at scale and speed. They have worked across a wide range of our audiences and have successfully integrated insights across all the work they do. As well as innovative in their approach to solving problems, the team are always incredibly timely in their response. They are a valued supplier and an integral part of our program of work"

where we work We have conducted research with clients in more than 45 markets
where we work With increasingly borderless ways of working, we partner with clients based in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the US
where we work We work out of 5 offices – with teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Auckland and Singapore